Locate & Modify a MS Word Template

weekly-assignments (open to view modified template)

While searching through the different templets this one in particular stuck out to me. I work in a Life Skills classroom as a Paraprofessional and weekly outlines are extremely beneficial for me. Seeing how the week is going to be set up and knowing the topics we are covering before class are helpful. This just guarantees that everyone will have a better understanding of how the work will flow throughout the week. Also this can be something that is given to the students the first day of class that week.

For modifications I just planned out what a week in the classroom would be like. I planned out a work week containing each subject and added appropriate assignments and activities for each day. Mixing in worksheets, videos and hands on activities to keep their hands and minds busy. I also left the notes section blank in case I needed to add something or just write something down for future reference.

This is something I would definitely use in my own classroom. Giving this to the Paraprofessionals at the beginning, or on Friday, of each week to give them a rundown of how the academic week will go. This can give them time to look over the activities and worksheets their group would be doing. It also gives them the opportunity to ask questions or add something that could be more beneficial for the students. Also this could be something that I could give the students on Monday morning when they come to class. They could actually see how their academic week will be set up which could be an extremely positive thing for their learning.