Locate/Research Teacher Resources

Mattie Winkels

Integrating Tech into Curriculum

Mei-Ying Lin

Teacher Resources

In the classroom there are many different resources a teacher can use. One of my favorite resources has always been using games. Games are something that give students an extra edge in learning and breaks away from the general lecture of class. It is a great resource to aid critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and problem solving skills. In my classroom I would like to incorporate things like jeopardy, success maker and spelling city. Each of these have different components that reinforce skills that are presented in the curriculum.

Another great resource a teacher can use is presentation software. Presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint can be very beneficial to a student’s learning. It grasp the attention of students causing them to be more engaged in what they are learning. It gives a great platform for classroom discussion and student interaction. In my classroom I would love to use a PowerPoint presentation to guide my students in a creative way of learning. To have that lecture time but also incorporate something that catches and holds their attention. I also want to incorporate the classroom discussion that come along with a presentation like this. It is so important for students to be able to feed thoughts off of each other to better understand a concept being taught.

  The last resource I feel can really help teachers is having a flipped classroom. I love the idea of a flipped classroom because it breaks away from the modern views of what a classroom needs to be. It breaks the idea that you have to come in and do the same routine every day. This resource is a great way to enhance students learning. In my classroom I want to integrate this idea to enhance my student’s learning. Giving them the ability to become great active learners by presenting more hands on activities in the classroom since the lecture portion would be done through videos at home.

As a teacher I want to incorporate resources like these into my classroom to create an environment suitable for learning. I want students to be excited to come in to learn and see school as a fun place to be. I want to give each student an opportunity to learn in a way that is best for them by enhancing their performance and development in learning. Overall giving them the tools they need to be successful lifelong learners.